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Introduction to the Bible

Introduction to the Bible

Number: 1015
Taught In: BIB
Course Information:

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Angel, Hayyim
Aster, shawn (3 Files)
Bernstein, Moshe J. (4 Files)
Carmy, Shalom (17 Files)
Cohen, Mordechai (1 File)
Elman, Yaakov (2 Files)
Elman, Yakov (2 Files)
General/Unknown, Professor (1 File)
Holtz, Shalom (8 Files)
Hurvitz, E.
Koller, Aaron (3 Files)
Orlian, Mitchell
Schwartz, Allen (2 Files)
Shulman, Nisson
Wieder, Jeremy (4 Files)
Number of professors teaching this course: 15
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Angel, Hayyim Angel, Joseph Aster, shawn Bernstein, Moshe J. Carmy, Shalom Cohen, Mordechai Elkin, Avidan Elman, Yaakov
Elman, Yakov Feldman, Daniel Z. General/Unknown, Professor Golden, Shmuel Holtz, Shalom Hurvitz, E. Koller, Aaron Orlian, Mitchell
Sarfaty, Daniel Schwartz, Allen Shulman, Nisson Weiner, Yechiel Wieder, Jeremy Yudin, Benjamin

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