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Professor and File Ratings:  

How accurate are the ratings?
How do you rate?
Someone is using abusive language or entering bogus ratings. What should I do?
Can I edit ratings?

Q. How accurate are the ratings?

A. Who knows? More ratings probably make it more accurate. We know that numerous professors use our site to find out what their students think. If it's accurate enough for them, we're happy.

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Q. How do you rate?

A. There's no single number which can capture how good (or bad) a professor or course is. So we've broken down ratings into six categories (1-5, 5 is highest):
  1. Clarity - Is the professor clear? Does she/he present the material well?
  2. Helpfulness - Is the professor helpful? Does the professor answer questions? Is the professor available outside of class?
  3. Easiness - Lots of work? No work? Pointless work?
  4. Knowledge - Does the professor know what he or she is talking about? Or are they just blabbing?
  5. Recommended - All that being said, would you recommend taking this professor?
  6. Comments - Categories always leave something out. So you can comment on the professor, your overall experience and thoughts.

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Q. Someone is using abusive language or entering bogus ratings. What should I do?

A. Next to each rating, there is a little red flag. That alerts us to a potential abuse problem. Click there, fill out the form, and send it to us. We'll investigate the matter promptly and, if warranted, take down the rating.

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Q. Can I edit ratings?

A.You'll be able to shortly. For now, if you'd like to edit a rating, Contact Us and we'll do it for you.

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