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Who We Are

A long time ago, in a magical kingdom far far away, there lived a handsome prince named Doracus. This prince was very unhappy, because as a child he had been somewhat geeky and so everyone called him Dork. The name stuck even when he grew older and went to Magical University, where he majored in web design with a minor in medieval architecture. Dork was always an honors student, but he wasn't very popular. As the years grew on, he grew sadder and sadder, for what beautiful princess could come to love a Dork?

One day, a great golden chariot pulled up on the quad right where our hero was studying for his Western Civ final. Out of the chariot emerged a wise looking wizard with a long white beard and a brilliant emerald cloak.

"Are you Prince Doracus?," asked the kindly mage.

"Yes," answered our stunned but still very uncool hero, putting down his Star Wars backpack and Captain Kirk replica phone. "Who are you?"

"That's not important," intoned the wizard. "What's important is that I can get you a date."

"Really?" shouted Dork with joy.

"Really," said the wizard. "Popularity has been inside you all along. All you ever needed to do was share your wonderful course notes with others. Do this, and they will soon come to see how cool you truly are."

"But, how can I do that?" asked Dork desperately. "How can I share my notes with everyone in the world?"

"With this!" shouted the wizard. He waved his wand, and a new website was born. "Swapnotes.com! The only place in the world where you can share your course notes with other students and read theirs in turn! Plus, if you sign up today, you can get a free magazine subscription and be eligible to win a scholarship."

With that, the wizard disappeared in a puff of smoke. But the website remained. Soon, thousands of students and professors flocked to the site. Students got notes. Professors sent in reading lists, syllabi, and exams. Other professors sent in corrections, wanting to fix errors in their student's notes. The world was a better place.

And Dork? Let's just say his new nickname is 'The Fonz.'

So that's the story of swapnotes.com. Here's what's in it for you. Come on in and join our community. Sure, some schools have similar local sites, but what happens when your professor switches universities? Or what if you need notes on Calculus III and your school doesn't have any, but Harvard does?

We are the oldest notesharing site on the net. We started in 2001, locally at one university, and so we have the experience to build a real academic community where notes of all sorts can be shared with ease. Now we're finally ready to take our experience to your university as well, so that in every school in America, students can come and get notes for their classes, for free.

So who are we? We're that guy who missed a class and couldn't find anyone else in class that day, and the girl who sent you her notes to help out. Some of us are students, some of us are done with school. Some of us are science majors and some of us go in for the liberal arts. But here, we are all swapnotes.com, pooling our knowledge so we can all benefit. Sign up and be one of us too.

And for the record, some of us used to be dorks too.

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